Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 ways to get more exposure for your ecommerce website

1. Demo your products on YouTube

If a product you sell is fun, or eye opening, or just plain useful, take a video of it in action. Put the website address at the bottom of the video like a subtitle, or in the closing credits. Just make sure the video is high quality, and reflects what you're all about. You can do it yourself, or alternatively there's a lot of companies like TurnHere and popping up that can help out too. I only **just** stopped myself from buying a new remote controlled vehicle the other day because it looked so cool to play with in an online video.

2. Be competitive

Comparison sites like list the same product, from different retailers, to see who has the best price. Now - I'm not suggesting you get into a price war here, as often that's a recipie for disaster. What I am suggesting though - is get listed here, but make sure your operation is more professional than everyone else. Service wins over price 4 times out of 5, and to get a sale online you need to be percieved as a trusted entity.

3. Leverage your local catalogue distribution efforts, online.

For larger retail operations - often a catalogue may be created and dropped at targeted regions to get the word out on what goodies thay have to offer. What the smart ones are also now doing is consolidating their efforts with online catalogue sites such as and All the specials in one place means more potential traffic as visitors peruse through your autumn promos, which can link directly back to your cart for a conversion.

4. Take advantage of the drive to work

How many people would you drive past on your way to work? 50? 100? Easily. Probably more likely to be double or triple that. On average, I sit in traffic at least an hour a day getting to and from work, or 6.25% of my waking hours of the day (assuming a nice 8 hour sleep). Why not make use of the time? Get a sign made up for the back window of the car. Make it eye catching, professional, and get the message across. Dont drive? sew a patch to your backpack, a sticker for your briefcase, so people see it on the bus or train. Be creative. Radio stations have already identifed the value of the drive to work - you can do the same.

5. Social Network it

Tell your friends on facebook. Create a fan club for it. Advertise - it often gets much better feedback and targeting than Google Adwords. Word of mouth is often the best way to market something - leverage Facebook (or linked in, etc) to help you out.

6. Identify and take advantage of Network Hubs

In the documentary "How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer", the main message was that in any network, there are major hubs where everything happens. I mean - come on - how can Kevin not be a major hub. Be it a social network, a business network, a special interest group, or a train station - there's an opportunity for more promotion. Getting the right kind of promotion to the right people is what needs the focus, so select your hubs intelligently and don't push any unwanted promotion to people not looking for it.